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Level 1: Virtual CFO (full-service)


Level 1: Virtual CFO (full-service)

A Level 1 Virtual CFO provides comprehensive financial services that cover all aspects of your business's financial management. This level of service can be a great fit for businesses that need a full-service virtual CFO to manage their finances and provide expert guidance on financial matters.

How much does a full-service Virtual CFO cost? 

A full-time CFO might be hired for anywhere from $175,000 and $480,000 year, including vacation time, incentives, and other perks. With the help of our Virtual CFO services, you may get the knowledgeable, fixed-price strategic support you require. Less than $80,000 is spent annually on our typical Virtual CFO package, which costs $1500 a week. See our price page for a description of our Virtual CFO pricing choices.

What do Virtual CFO services include?

Services offered include forecasting, company-wide KPIs, weekly meetings, and contacts with banks.